Rainforest Light

About Me

Colour and texture dominate my photography. Obscure shapes and forms stretch the imagination of the observer. Instant recognition may be replaced by visual exploration. Close up images and unusual viewpoints invite speculation by the viewer. My photography aims to stimulate, rather than necessarily providing an instantly recognisable form. My hope is that this will encourage people to observe the world around them more closely.

Bedford School fire

I first started out in photography at the age of eight when I was given a Kodak Instamatic 126 film camera. From there I graduated to a Russian made Cosmic Symbol 35mm camera that introduced me to the world of apertures and shutter speeds together with processing black and white film and processing and printing it in a conventional darkroom. My first commercial photograph was an image of my school burning down which I proceeded to sell to teachers and fellow students!

My interest in photography was re-ignited when I emigrated to Australia in the early 1990s and discovered a vast landscape of colour and texture lit by an intense light. At the same time the digital darkroom was just starting to take off, replacing the inconvenience of the conventional darkroom with a more comfortable working environment. My interest in abstract photography was sparked by the discovery of burnt out car wrecks in Outback areas of Australia. These cars had been torched and left to decompose, revealing peeling paintwork and a myriad of bright colours. Close up or macro photographs of the paintwork create an image similar to an aerial view from an aeroplane. People have the expectation that a photograph will depict an instantly recognisible image and this series of photographs (the Eco Warrior series) challenges this expectation. Similar effects are seen in some of my more conventional landscape photos where light, pattern and texture tend to dominate.

I still tend to use film for all my photography, although my digital camera is a useful exposure meter and allows me to explore different visual effects before committing them to film. I use a Hasselblad Xpan camera for the panoramic images and a Canon EOS33 camera, usually fitted with a macro lens for most of the other photos. All the photographs on this website were taken on slide (transparency) film and scanned into the computer with minimal manipulation.


"Abstract Journey" held at the Casey Council Offices at Narre Warren in 2012.

"Looking Up" held at the Casey Council Offices at Narre Warren in 2004.

Winner of the "Artz Blitz" 24 hour art competition at the Kingston Arts Centre in 2003 for a photocollage entitled "First Resolution".

"Painting with Light" held at the Walker Street Gallery in Dandenong in 2001.